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Curtis T. Hill, Jr., a Republican, currently serves as Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County, Indiana. He believes in the hope that is grounded in the American justice system. Born and raised in Elkhart, Curtis is the fifth and youngest child of Curtis T. Hill, Sr. and Eleanor M. Hill.


Growing up in Elkhart, Curtis was inspired by his father Curtis Sr., a well-known fixture in the Elkhart community. Born in rural Oklahoma, Curtis Sr. found his way to Indiana to pursue an education at the Elkhart Institute of Technology.

A determined and hard-working young man, he landed a job as a letter carrier with the United States Postal Office and managed his own barber shop on evenings and weekends.

Shortly after relocating to Elkhart, Curtis Sr. met Eleanor and they began raising their young family. It was the mid-1950s in Elkhart when an event occurred that would define the character and courage of Curtis T. Hill, Sr.

A Story of Courage

Curtis Sr. had saved money to build a new home for his young family. He had purchased two lots to consider. One a large corner lot on the south side of Elkhart and the other a smaller lot on the north and more exclusive side of town.  

While contemplating the pros and cons of building on one lot or the other, he was notified by his would be neighbors on the north side. He was informed that neither he nor his family were welcome in that neighborhood and they "encouraged" him to accept a cash payoff and leave.

It was precisely at that moment when Curtis Sr. decided he would build a new home for his young family on that small lot on the north side of Elkhart despite the demonstrated hostility.

A few short years later, one of Curtis's earliest memories is that of his father bringing home a brand-new shotgun and showing Curtis and the other children where the loaded shotgun would be kept. 

The shotgun was brought home because the family home had been bombed the night before. Curtis's father's dream of home ownership was not for sale and he took his stand to defend his home and protect his family.

Curtis often comments how his father was the smartest and the most courageous man he has ever known. Simply put, Curtis's father is his hero!

It was his father, along with his mother Eleanor, that accepted responsibility for keeping their family safe and protected from harm -- while encouraging their children to take part and embrace the promise that is America -- and to lead toward that promise and when necessary to fight for the promise that is America! 


Throughout his school and college years, Curtis has been well-known as a leader among his peers . Always athletic, Curtis excelled in track and football and was an avid reader and history buff.

Curtis earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the Indiana University School of Business in Bloomington and went on to receive his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the Indiana University School of Law. 

With growing interest in the law, Curtis was inspired to pursue the role of Prosecutor as he became more engaged in the history of our nation and the role that the prosecutor plays in our American system of justice.

He began his legal career as a part-time deputy prosecuting attorney for Elkhart County where he also maintained a private general practice of law.  As a deputy prosecuting attorney, Curtis gained his reputation as a skilled litigator in the prosecution of homicides, child abuse, and the distribution of illegal drugs. 

Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County

In November 2002, Curtis T. Hill Jr. received 78% of the vote and was elected prosecuting attorney for Elkhart County, succeeding his predecessor who held the position for 28 years. Armed with an ambitious platform, he immediately set out to transform Indiana’s largest part-time prosecuting attorney’s office into a full-time professional and well respected centralized law enforcement agency. Re-elected in 2006, 2010, and 2014, Curtis is currently serving his fourth term as Prosecuting Attorney.

Curtis is recognized state-wide as setting the standard for successful prosecution of serious and violent offenders.  While he is well known for taking a hard line against career and hardened criminals, he has also initiated creative programs in alternative justice allowing the criminal justice system to focus the bulk of its resources on more significant crimes, while still exacting accountability for lesser offenses.  As a trial lawyer, Curtis supervises a staff of public safety professionals including highly trained, committed and well-prepared deputy prosecutors who understand their mission is to seek the truth.

Curtis has testified before Congress on “Methamphetamine in the Heartland” and served as a presenter for the Northern Indiana Methamphetamine Summit Sponsored by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Executive Office of the President of the United States.


Curtis has maintained a very active role in the following local, state and national organizations:

  • Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys, Inc., Member, Past President
  • Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council (IPAC), Ethics Committee
  • National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), Member, Past Vice President
  • FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division  (CJIS/APB), Advisory Policy Board
  • State Board of Law Examiners, Member, Character and Fitness Committee
  • The Nature Conservancy (Indiana Chapter), Trustee
  • NAACP, Life Member

Other organizations and affiliations:

  • Indiana State Bar Association, Past Board of Governors
  • Governor’s Council on Impaired and Dangerous Driving, Past Chairman
  • Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Past Trustee
  • NDAA Executive Working Group, Past Member
  • National College of District Attorneys, Past Board of Regents
  • Better Business Bureau, Past Board Member
  • Elkhart County Historical Society, Past Board Member
  • Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce, Past Board Member
  • Boys and Girls Club of Elkhart County, Past Board Member
  • Encouraging Technology and Hands-On Science (ETHOS), Past Board Member
  • Vibrant Communities Initiative - Elkhart, Stakeholder Member


Curtis and his wife, Teresa, have five children: Halle, Mallory, Curtis, Bella, and Abraham. His commitment to public service is rooted in his hope that his children -- and all children -- will live in a safer, happier and more vibrant world.  

Curtis enjoys an active lifestyle, keeping fit through regular exercise and tennis.  He has also attained a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a black belt in Hapkido. 

Participating in the arts has been a family affair.  Curtis and Company have  performed in a variety of local community theater productions together.

Curtis and his family attend First Baptist Church in Elkhart.

Family Facts

  • Teresa and Curtis met at Indiana University in Bloomington. She has an undergraduate degree in Education and currently teaches high school English literature. 
  • Halle is a Wells Scholar graduate with distinction from Indiana University with a major in French and minor in Spanish and Italian. She is teaching high school French and Spanish.
  • Mallory is a junior at Indiana University and Hudson and Holland Scholar, majoring in Anthropology and is a soon-to-be published author.
  • Curtis III is a freshman at Indiana University and Hudson and Holland Scholar, majoring in business.
  • Bella  is a junior in high school, class president and member of the cheerleading squad and track team.
  • Abraham is a sophomore in high school and a member of the tennis team.

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