Indiana Business Journal Publishes Column About Opioid Epidemic by Curtis Hill

Indiana Business Journal Publishes Column About Opioid Epidemic by Curtis Hill

This week, Forefront - Indiana Business Journal - published this column about Curtis Hill's views regarding our opioid epidemic.

"As your attorney general, I will help lead the fight against the opioid epidemic in Indiana. As the only candidate with experience of leading the fight against drugs in my own community, I bring a unique perspective to the office of attorney general. I know our opioid problem will not be fixed overnight and will require the united effort of all our communities."

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Curtis Hill Launches Indiana Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement Tour

Curtis Hill Launches Indiana Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement Tour



INDIANAPOLIS – Curtis Hill, Republican nominee for Attorney General of Indiana, received the endorsement of the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police today in Indianapolis. During the FOP Endorsement Tour, Hill will be traveling to five locations throughout Indiana to honor the men and women who protect and serve and to thank the FOP for its endorsement of his campaign.

“In my four terms as Elkhart County Prosecutor, I’ve relied on the outstanding work of our fine police officers in every aspect of my job,” said Hill. “Police officers have chosen a career of personal sacrifice and service to our citizens. We owe them our respect, support and gratitude for their brave service to our communities and our citizens. That’s what my FOP Endorsement Tour is all about.”

In the endorsement tour launch of Hill, President of the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police William Owensby and PAC Chairman David Cook stated, “...the Indiana State Lodge (of the FOP) has overwhelmingly voted to support you in your upcoming election. Seldom do we find a candidate of your caliber who has the leadership and integrity to carry out the duties as Attorney General for the great State of Indiana. Your support and commitment to Indiana Law Enforcement has not gone unnoticed.”

In accepting the FOP’s endorsement, Hill praised the organization and its 14,000 members. “The Fraternal Order of Police represents what best in Indiana: honor, bravery, hard work and a commitment to making our lives better,” Hill said. “Although my FOP Endorsement Tour is limited to stops in Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Jeffersonville and Evansville, I want all officers throughout the state to know that I appreciate their commitment to their jobs and that I will always support their unwavering service.”

Curtis Hill has served as Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County since 2003. He received his B.S. degree in Marketing from Indiana University, and his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the Indiana University School of Law. Hill maintains a very active role in local, state and national organizations. He and his wife, Teresa, have five children.



ELKHART - Today, Curtis Hill, Republican Nominee for Attorney General, launched a Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) endorsement press tour. His released statement acknowledges and shows appreciation for the Indiana FOP and their endorsement for his candidacy as Indiana's next Attorney General:

"I want to thank the Fraternal Order of Police for their endorsement. Having served as a deputy prosecutor and an elected prosecutor in Elkhart County for almost 3 decades, I know the work of law enforcement because I am in law enforcement. I have worked alongside and will continue to stand with police and detectives against all threats to public safety.

"I stand with law enforcement because I understand that a person cannot be free if they are not safe. The people who put their lives on the line every day to protect us need elected officials who appreciate their hard work and sacrifice. I do.

"The Philadelphia FOP was right in their outrage when the DNC failed to honor the widows and family members of fallen police officers killed in the line of duty. I am outraged by the lack of respect and appreciation for law enforcement and family sacrifice.

"As a Prosecutor, I understand that each area in the State faces its own challenges and as your Attorney General I will seek to ensure that the law enforcement community has the tools, resources and training needed to protect the citizens of this State.

"I know the hard work that goes into getting a conviction. I will fulfill the responsibility of the office of Attorney General to protect the convictions that you work so hard to obtain.

"As your Attorney General I will provide bold and courageous leadership on behalf of law enforcement and the citizens of this State. Thank you for your support and together we will continue to protect the people of Indiana."


Indiana Daily Student Column States Curtis Hill Is The Best Choice for Indiana Attorney General

Indiana Daily Student Column States Curtis Hill Is The Best Choice for Indiana Attorney General

By Steven Aranyi, Indiana Daily Student

Curtis Hill is running for Indiana attorney general on the Republican ticket. He currently serves as prosecuting attorney for Elkhart County, where he is in his fourth term. He graduated from Indiana University and later attended the Maurer School of Law at IU.

When Hill was first elected, Elkhart County’s prosecuting attorney’s office only worked part time. Through hard work and perseverance, he transformed the office into a full-time position.

In addition to this admirable feat, the fact that Hill has served four terms as prosecuting attorney shows Curtis Hill has a reputation for being a strong advocate for his community. His commitment to making Elkhart County a better place is demonstrated through his actions in office.

Hill’s platform this cycle is centered on four main goals: controlling government overreach, protecting families from drug and violent crimes, defending people from being victimized by fraud and inspiring children to lead meaningful lives.

These goals are certainly realistic. Under the leadership of current Attorney General Greg Zoeller, privacy protections for Hoosiers have been expanded by the Do Not Call law and credit freezes for parents on behalf of their children to provide a defense against identity theft have been implemented.

I believe that Curtis is the man to build on this positive change for Hoosiers. The beauty of Hill’s platform is that it’s perfectly viable. All four major platform points look to tackle major issues in Indiana. If Hill can make improvements in these fields, his tenure will be deemed a success.

Hill's agenda also includes combatting crime and drug abuse, specifically relating to meth and heroin. These two drugs are extremely problematic for Indiana. In 2015, Indiana law enforcement seized 1,530 meth labs across the state, which goes to highlight the magnitude of the problem.

Thousands of children grow up either within or close to these labs. Thus, two of Hill’s goals are closely connected, which makes them more achievable.

By giving families added safety, along with inspiring Hoosier youth to participate in existing programs, Hill can make long-term improvements to the state, make an actual difference in the lives of individual Hoosiers and help cultivate the next generation of Hoosier leaders.

Furthermore, Hill also wants to protect against government overreach. He acknowledges the importance the Second Amendment and wants to defend it — something I support. Hill will also stand up to overreaching executive orders, legislation and bureaucratic actions that disturb the lives of Hoosiers, in violation of the Constitution.

Hill was outspoken about his thoughts on President Barack Obama’s visit to his hometown of Elkhart, where he knocked the president’s policies and credited the economic development of the city to business leaders. He pledged to protect Indiana’s 10th Amendment rights.

It's not easy to come out against the president of the United States. This is one of an amalgamation of traits that Hill brings to the table as a candidate for attorney general.

This is a man who is seriously committed to Hoosiers. I’m looking forward to watching him make positive changes in communities across the state.

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Attorney General Candidate Hill to Appear in Bluffton

Attorney General Candidate Hill to Appear in Bluffton

The Journal Gazette - Curtis Hill, the Republican nominee for Indiana attorney general, will be the guest of a Wednesday luncheon in Bluffton sponsored by the 3rd District Republican Central Committee.

The event will be at the Wells County Republican Headquarters, 125 S. Johnson St. The luncheon will begin at 11:30 a.m. with a meet-and-greet with Hill, followed by lunch at noon and remarks by Hill.

Admission is $25 a person, $150 for event co-hosts and $250 for event hosts. Co-hosts and hosts receive additional tickets, and can place signs at the event and advertisements in the event program.

For tickets, contact 3rd District Treasurer Kyle Babcock at 317-701-0655 or, or Wells County GOP Chairman Ralph Garcia at 260-273-1919 or

Hill is the Elkhart County prosecutor. He will face Democratic attorney general nominee Lorenzo Arredondo, a retired Lake County circuit court judge, in the Nov. 8 general election.

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WSBT 22 News Feature Interview with Curtis Hill as Republican Nominee for Indiana Attorney General

WSBT 22 News Feature Interview with Curtis Hill as Republican Nominee for Indiana Attorney General

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Indiana attorney general candidate Curtis Hill shares how we keep people free by keeping them safe. 

For the past 14 years, Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill has traveled from his home to his office; the route, on repeat. The Republican was elected as prosecutor in 2002, and again in 2006, 2010, and 2014.

But Hill, 55, is hopeful to fill the Attorney General’s seat in November, replacing current Attorney General Greg Zoeller. Hill will face off against Democrat Lorenzo Arredondo, a retired circuit court judge from Lake County.

Delegates at the GOP state convention selected Hill over three other candidates in early June.

Hill said he’s always had an investigative nature, especially in his role as prosecutor.

“There’s fact finding in that,” said Hill. “There’s investigation review, there’s determination of wrong-conduct and right-conduct. Then you expand that to an entire state. The idea is to create a tenor of safety for as many people as possible.”

Hill called the AG’s office a “gun that hasn’t been fired.” If elected, he wouldn’t surround himself with ‘yes’ people: “It’s important to have people who will be very straight about issues, so that if we have questions about a hard case, I want to know exactly what someone thinks.”

Hill took center-stage most recently at a news conference for a triple homicide investigation in Elkhart. At the podium, Hill warned the public the danger in interfering with a criminal investigation.

But perhaps Hill’s most well-known case he’s prosecuted is that of the ‘Elkhart 4.’ In 2012, five boys broke into a home. The homeowner shot and killed one of the boys.

All four were charged with murder; one pleaded guilty but the other three were convicted. Last fall, the state Supreme Court overturned those three convictions.

“I thought it was wrong,” said Hill in an interview. “The law was quite clear that if one engages in a felony and a particular felony of burglary; during the commission of that burglary, someone dies as a result, that we can charge a felony murder.”

Hill said he respected the Supreme Court’s authority and decision, but doesn’t agree with it. He said the decision to prosecute the way he did, sets a tone for criminals in Elkhart County.

“To the future criminals, that message was: if you go break into someone’s house and somebody dies a result, Elkhart County is going to hold you up for murder,” said Hill. “I think that’s an important standard to have.”

‘Very important for the party’

Should Hill be elected, he would be the first African American male to hold the Attorney General’s Office. Pamela Carter was the first African American woman to hold the office in 1993.

“Race has never been an issue that I used or considered as a limitation,” said Hill.

“Nobody came from Indianapolis and tapped me and said, ‘will you come and run and do this so we can look like this,’” said Hill. “I’m coming in from north central Indiana. It was my idea along with a few friends, who said hey, maybe we can get involved in this and change the direction where we’re going.”

Hill said he’s always had a “leaning that went to the right” but got more conservative as he became older.

Hill said he’s interested in having a Republican in the White House in 2017. Before Trump was named GOP nominee, here’s what he said: “I certainly can’t say that I was ever in a position in that primary, where I was a Donald Trump supporter. But if he is the Republican nominee, I will be supportive, and that’s not withstanding differences.”

Hill confirmed those sentiments on Wednesday, adding that he does support Donald Trump: "It's important to have a person who espouses appropriate values and verbiages of the Supreme Court."

At the national level, Hill said his concern is the Supreme Court.

“I think it’s imperative that we have justices on the Supreme Court that are conservative-minded in the sense that they look at the constitution and don’t legislate from the bench,” he said.

Hill also said Trump's decision to pick Governor Mike Pence was an "inspired" one; adding that it says a lot about Trump that he would pick someone with "different style and different approach" and shows "discipline to bring in people from a variety of backgrounds."

On a local level, Hill said fixing the “heroin problem starts at the marijuana problem.” He said more and more conservative-minded people are moving towards legalization; something he would not support.

“I already know about the dangers of marijuana, I know what it can do to kids,” said Hill.

Hill received a marketing degree from Indiana University in Bloomington. He also received his doctorate from the IU School of Law. Prior to his time as prosecutor, he served as a deputy prosecuting attorney and worked at his private practice.

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Curtis Hill Republican Nominee for Indiana Attorney General on Recent Shootings in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota

Curtis Hill Republican Nominee for Indiana Attorney General on Recent Shootings in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota

I want to express my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those impacted by the most recent shootings across this country.  These troubling actions are casting a dark shadow over our American justice system. 

Notwithstanding this madness in America that has many questioning our system of justice, my message today is one of hope and encouragement.

I am encouraged because in my twenty-five years as a prosecutor, two things remain crystal clear for me:  I believe in America and I believe in justice for everyone. 

I have come to cherish the rule of law, even when it moves slowly or arrives at a result with which I might disagree.  We are a nation founded on the principle that we, the people, will govern ourselves.  Despite imperfections, our American system of justice remains our best hope for defending freedom, resolving disputes, and securing justice. 

As a prosecutor, it has been my responsibility to protect the integrity of our justice system.  It has been my responsibility, like that of every fellow prosecutor, that no matter who you are, no matter the color of your skin, or your station in life, if you are a victim of crime, I will seek justice for you.  Likewise, if you commit a crime, no matter who you are, no matter the color of your skin, or your station in life, I will seek to hold you accountable for your conduct.  This is especially true if you tarnish the badge worn by our brave heroes who take a vow to protect and serve our communities.

While there are occasions where police conduct is questionable and others where that conduct is proven to be criminal, police officers have chosen a career of personal sacrifice and service to others. Daily, they face grave danger.  We owe these officers our respect, support, and gratitude for their ongoing service. Our civil society is dependent on well-trained police officers placing themselves between us and those who wish to do us harm. 

Over the past few days, incidents in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota have caused many Americans to have reason to doubt our justice system. As tensions rise between many in the community and our public servants, we must allow justice the opportunity to work. Justice requires a process of investigation that often takes time, and we must not fall victim of knee-jerk reactions to what we read on social media. Most importantly, we can never tolerate the targeted murder of police officers as a valid response to questions, doubts, or even outright disdain for our justice system.

In the face of these doubts and horrific events that continue to unfold, we cannot ignore the featured role that race plays in the equation. Race and justice, or as it may be observed from a different perspective: racial injustice, is older than the founding of our nation and it has left a deep and scarred legacy to America’s story of freedom. 

Regrettably, not that long ago, ordinary justice was routinely denied to many: particularly to black Americans.  Despite many advances in American Justice, a common feeling of mistrust of police among many black Americans still exists to this day. In order for us to move forward as a nation, we must acknowledge the legitimacy of this well-earned mistrust.  Fortunately, historic incidents of injustice by law enforcement have largely given way to verifiable efforts by police officers to properly protect and serve all citizens with respect and dignity. 

Much is made of police action shootings involving white police officers and black shooting victims. The reality is that over 95% percent of black shooting victims in America are a result of blacks shooting blacks. This is a situation that is also horribly tragic and must be equally addressed.

Some Americans may have doubts about our criminal justice system.  In the face of these doubts, we have a choice. We can choose to ignore the root problems. We can choose to undermine or reject the entire justice system. We can simply accept when some evil actors turn to targeted acts of murder as a response. However, none of these options, especially the violence, will be our path forward. 

I will continue to embrace the rule of law and ensure that it is applied equally to all. I urge everyone to follow my lead down the path of trusting the justice system.  It is the great equalizer for all people.  Engage the justice system. Understand the issues behind these acts. Work to improve American justice while honoring those who protect and serve our communities.  We must all fight for justice.

Join me as I seek to promote respect for the rule of law, to facilitate understanding between people with different backgrounds, and to support strong communities, which will build our future.  For those of you who share this vision, I encourage you to believe in America and to have faith in our justice system and its ability to defend our freedom and secure our future.

Published in Fort Wayne - The Journal Gazette

Forrest Lucas & Dan Dumezich Named as Co-Chairs of Curtis Hill for Indiana Finance Committee

Forrest Lucas & Dan Dumezich Named as Co-Chairs of Curtis Hill for Indiana Finance Committee

Elkhart – Curtis Hill for Indiana campaign today announced that Forrest Lucas, founder of Lucas Oil Products, Inc., and Dan Dumezich, a former Indiana State Representative and current Treasurer of the Indiana Republican Party, will serve as co-chairs of the campaign’s Finance Committee.

“Forrest Lucas and Dan Dumezich are both recognized nationally for their success in business and their commitment to public service,” said Curtis Hill, Republican nominee for Indiana Attorney General. “Forrest’s courage and determination to take a risk in building Lucas Oil paid off not only for his family, but for the dozens of causes and organizations that benefit from his constant generosity. Dan is a leader in our Republican Party in Indiana and is rightfully sought after by candidates for President down to those running for local office for his wise counsel. I know that together they will help us build a finance team that will exceed our goals and help fund a campaign that reaches every corner of the state.” 

Forrest Lucas said, “Curtis Hill brings the good sense and integrity that is so badly needed in this very important position of  Attorney General. He brings new and fresh ideas to the debate and has a proven record of success on behalf of the citizens of Elkhart County. I’m proud to stand at his side because I know he stands for all Hoosiers.”

Dumezich added, “As a state representative and longtime supporter of Republican candidates, I can’t think of anyone better to help Indiana fight back against excessive federal government overreach and ensure that our state and its people are safe from drugs, crime and violence. The Republican Party is lucky to have him on our statewide ticket this year.”

GOP Takes A Giant Leap Up The Hill: Howey Politics Commentary by Craig Dunn, Howard County Republican Party

GOP Takes A Giant Leap Up The Hill: Howey Politics Commentary by Craig Dunn, Howard County Republican Party

KOKOMO – Indiana Republicans can be proud that they took a giant leap forward on Saturday, when delegates to the Indiana Republican State Convention nominated Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill to be their candidate for Indiana attorney general.  
In a continuation of a political evolutionary process that witnessed three incredibly talented women lead the Indiana statewide Republican ticket in 2014, delegates to the 2016 Republican state convention created an historical moment with the Hill nomination.  Curtis Hill became the first African-American Republican to be nominated  for a statewide constitutional office.
First and foremost, Curtis Hill deserved the nomination. A four-term county prosecutor, Hill hit the entire State of Indiana like an April tornado.  Endorsed by 40 of his peers, Hill quickly served notice last year that he was in it to win it with hard work and a great message.
The path to the nomination for attorney general was going to be a tough one for any eventual winner. Republicans displayed an embarrassment of riches with its four attorney general candidates.  
Former Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter did an excellent job in his two terms in office. A tough and likeable guy, Carter is the type of candidate you just can’t beat by outworking. Carter was omnipresent on the dead chicken tour that we call the Lincoln Day Dinner circuit. He went door to door visiting with delegates. He was definitely going to be a formidable candidate for a return to the attorney general’s office.
Abby Kuzma honed her skills working as an assistant attorney general for Greg Zoeller. She is a talented, sharp and intelligent attorney. She was somewhat of a late entrant into the attorney general race and suffered from a lack of a political base to rely on for support. Still, not having run for office before and being a woman, coupled with her top notch credentials, meant that she couldn’t be ignored at a convention.
Finally, State Sen. Randy Head offered a potent mix of strengths for any convention run. He is young, talented and energetic and had a great vision for the attorney general office. In addition, he had the ability to marshal an army of his fellow state senators in his support. Head had also chaired the successful state treasurer campaign of Kelly Mitchell at the 2014 Republican State Convention. He had helped author a very successful convention strategy and was set to duplicate the feat in 2016.
The first step in the nominating process was a nomination speech made by an advocate for the candidate. I scored Randy Head the winner of the nomination speech derby. It is hard to beat having a statewide office holder, Treasurer Kelly Mitchell, do your nomination. Curtis Hill’s nomination speech was impressive and kept the delegates’ attention. Steve Carter’s nomination speech focused on his many achievements as the former attorney general. I got a sense that many delegates were looking for more of a forward-looking nominating speech.  Finally, Abby Kuzma’s nominator told of her work in establishing the Neighborhood Christian Legal Network. This gave her credence as both an innovator and a Christian, two marketable traits to carry before Indiana Republican delegates.
The candidate speeches themselves were a mixed bag of strategy and delivery.
Abby Kuzma focused on human trafficking and an emphasis on toughening enforcement of the laws governing this serious problem. While a worthwhile message, I believe the delegates were viewing each speech as an audition for who would bring the most value to a statewide ticket and Kuzma just didn’t light many fires with her speech.
Randy Head delivered a spot-on speech that was energetic, had the right message and impressed the assembled delegates. Head looked pretty strong by the time he wrapped up his speech.
Steve Carter gave a relatively flat speech that failed to focus on his future plans for the office. While his accomplishments as attorney general were impressive, they were done eight years ago and delegates were looking for something to help light up the statewide ticket for 2016.  You could almost sense that delegates were looking for lightning in a bottle. Carter failed to offer that elixir.
I had seen Curtis Hill speak on several occasions. Each time, Hill had kept his audiences riveted on his message and impressed with his delivery. The problem with being a dynamic speaker is the risk that on the big day, your speech fails to live up to expectations.  
On Hill’s big day, in front of 1,731 Republican delegates, he hit it out of the park. Hill talked about his family’s journey, its challenges and its triumph. A product of a strong family that instilled in Hill a refusal to accept the status quo, he fought prejudice and triumphed over adversity.  Hill then made a superb case for his vision for the future of the attorney general’s office. He also made a forceful case for standing up to the federal government in court that was met with rousing applause.
The rules adopted for the Republican convention required that the lowest vote getter on each ballot be dropped from the contest. After the dramatic first ballot, Abby Kuzma was dropped after garnering only 76 votes. The remaining three candidates were within 100 votes of each other.
The big question after round one of voting was who would get Kuzma’s votes on the second ballot. Kuzma threw her support to Randy Head between votes and Head needed the boost since he had finished third on the first ballot. The problem with endorsements after the balloting begins is the inability to effectively communicate these endorsements to the delegates. It only stands to reason that no serious candidate spends any time working on contingencies in the event of defeat. Trust me. I’ve been on the short end of the convention stick as a floor manager and once you get eliminated, there’s not much you can do to influence the eventual outcome.
Surprisingly, Head finished the second ballot with roughly the same total as on the first ballot, as did Steve Carter. The candidate who showed momentum on the second ballot was Curtis Hill, making significant gains.
With Sen. Head finding himself as the odd man out after the second ballot, he threw his support to Curtis Hill. The final ballot gave Hill a resounding victory and the rest, as they say, is history.
Curtis Hill presents Indiana Democrats with a major problem. He defies all of the stereotypes and prejudices that the Democrats spew in an effort to paint the Republican Party as the party of old white men. Hill brings a vigor and message to the campaign that will play well in every nook and cranny of Indiana. It shows the Indiana Republican Party to be the party of ideas and a party of progress. Curtis Hill will give John Gregg and the Democrats fits from now until Election Day.
On a personal note, I’d like to say that I was prouder of the Indiana Republican Party than I’ve been in some time.  The 1,731 delegates assembled in Indianapolis met and selected not only the best candidate for the Republican ticket, as the attorney general candidate, but they also selected the best man for the job.  
Indiana Republicans proved once again that when it comes time to do the right thing for the people of Indiana, we get it right. Curtis Hill was the right man at the right time and the Republican Party and the State of Indiana will be the better for his nomination. 

Dunn is chairman of the Howard County Republican Party.

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RAGA’S Statement on Curtis Hill Clinching The Republican Nomination for Attorney General

RAGA’S Statement on Curtis Hill Clinching The Republican Nomination for Attorney General

INDIANA: State GOP Nominates Curtis Hill for Attorney General: Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney Curtis T. Hill, Jr. won the Republican nomination for Indiana attorney general during this weekend’s GOP State Convention. Hill was selected over three other candidates: former Republican Attorney General Steve Carter, State Senator Randy Head and Assistant Attorney General Abby Kuzma. Hill becomes the first African-American Republican in the state to secure a statewide constitutional office nomination. Hill says he'll protect Indiana residents from "an alarming rise" in substance abuse and violence and will fight "unconstitutional overreach" by the federal government. RAGA Chairman Bill Schuette also released a statement congratulating Hill on the nomination. “I want to congratulate Curtis Hill on securing the Republican Party nomination for attorney general during today’s GOP State Convention. Hoosiers gathered in a show of support and excitement to select the person best qualified to serve as the state’s top legal enforcement officer. I look forward to joining Curtis on the campaign trail to help him become Indiana’s next attorney general.” Hill will face retired Democrat Lake County Circuit Court Judge Lorenzo Arredondo in the General Election. They're vying to replace Greg Zoeller, who is not seeking re-election.


Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Chairman and Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette released the following statement on Curtis Hill securing the Republican nomination for Indiana Attorney General:

“I want to congratulate Curtis Hill on securing the Republican Party nomination for attorney general during today’s GOP State Convention. Today, Hoosiers gathered in a show of support and excitement to select the person best qualified to serve as the state’s top legal enforcement officer. As the Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County, Curtis understands the importance the American justice system has in our society. Since 2002, Curtis has used his office to take a hard line against career and hardened criminals, initiating creative programs in alternative justice and addressing the growing drug problem. Curtis will defend the rule of law, push back against overreaching federal regulations that kill jobs, and serve as a strong partner in the ongoing fight against the Obama-Clinton job-killing initiatives. I can’t think of a better person to succeed our friend and colleague, Attorney General Greg Zoeller, who has served with honor and distinction since 2009. I look forward to joining Curtis on the campaign trail to help him become Indiana’s next attorney general.”

About RAGA: The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) is the only national organization whose mission is electing Republicans to the Office of State Attorney General. In 2014 Republican attorneys general became the clear majority, for the first time in our country’s history, increasing the total number of Republican attorneys general from 24 to 27, protecting all our 12 incumbents and turning three states from blue to red, by investing nearly $14 million into political spending.

Statement by Indiana Attorney General Nominee Curtis Hill

Statement by Indiana Attorney General Nominee Curtis Hill

Indiana Delegates,

I am honored and humbled to be the Republican nominee for Attorney General.

From the beginning, this campaign was about offering my experience and leadership on the challenges that face Hoosiers today. We need an Attorney General who will never waver from standing up to federal government overreach and who has experience dealing with frauds, scams and violent crime on a daily basis.

I thank all those who supported my campaign from the beginning, including over 40 Indiana county prosecutors; the federal, state and local officials who joined along the way; and the delegates of the Indiana Republican Party State Convention who nominated me for this important responsibility.

I also thank Senator Randy Head, former Attorney General Steve Carter and Abby Kuzma for running campaigns worthy of the Office of Attorney General.

Thank you,
Curtis Hill

Commentary by Curtis Hill Provided by Indy Politics

Commentary by Curtis Hill Provided by Indy Politics


Curtis Hill

The courage to lead and the responsibility to protect.

I have spoken those words many times on the campaign trail since I first announced my intention to seek the Republican nomination for Attorney General in December. But those words are more than a slogan to me. I was raised by a mother and father who met obstacles with courage, confidence and class. They taught me about responsibility to my family and to my community. And together they defined why I want to be Indiana’s next Attorney General.

I am running for Attorney General because I care deeply about the future of my family and the future of Indiana. While Indiana remains a wonderful place to call home, we still face many challenges.

Our federal government continues to burden us with overreaching rules and directives that suggest that government knows what’s “best for us.” Therefore, we need an Attorney General who fully commits to defending our state’s rights against an overreaching federal government. And that takes courage. It’s not easy to take the political arrows that come as a result of telling the federal government, ‘no,’ when they infringe on our Second Amendment rights or our property rights or try to regulate the use of bathrooms in our communities. But when the Constitution and the rule of law are on your side, the only option is to have the courage to stand up and say, “Enough is enough!” Indiana comes first, always.

Violent crime and substance-abuse are destroying the futures of so many Hoosiers and high-tech, online predators continue to prey on our most vulnerable citizens. Fighting this fight requires an Attorney General who has been on the front lines working to protect Hoosiers against frauds, scams, drugs and violent crime.

As the elected prosecutor of Elkhart County, I have seen it all and have led the charge to fight it all. I have tried and convicted hundreds of cases, held the hands of victims and their families, and I have felt their pain. I have witnessed thousands of young men and women throw their lives away in the quest for drugs and violence. I have held criminals accountable, while fighting to keep my community safe, because I know that you can’t be truly free unless you feel truly safe.

Hoosiers living today and those generations yet to come should live with the peace of mind knowing their communities are safe and their futures secure and that’s what I will work on every day as your Attorney General.

While my focus now is to secure our party’s nomination for Attorney General, the moment I am nominated as your candidate for Attorney General my dual focus will be on my campaign and the campaigns of my fellow Republicans. It is of vital importance that candidates supporting conservative principles and solid ideas are elected in the fall.  We are a team. A team that will consistently apply conservative principles to finding solutions that will lead to Hoosiers feeling more secure in their freedom and in their opportunities. I will work hard to support our Republican team on all fronts because Indiana is much better off with Republican principles leading the way.

Indiana deserves an Attorney General with an unwavering commitment to freedom and the Republican Party deserves a nominee dedicated to energizing the team to win in November. You can count on me on both fronts. I won’t let you down.

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Over 60 Indiana Republican Elected Officials and Activists Endorse Curtis Hill for Attorney General Prior to Tomorrow’s State Convention

Over 60 Indiana Republican Elected Officials and Activists Endorse Curtis Hill for Attorney General Prior to Tomorrow’s State Convention

Dear Friends,

With one day to go before the Indiana Republican Party State Convention in Indianapolis, I am humbled to announce a list of endorsements for my campaign for Attorney General that includes officials at the federal, state and local levels. While the vast majority of county prosecutors have been with me since I announced my candidacy in December, many of the additional names have joined in the past week showing clear momentum headed into the convention.

I believe with the right leadership we will meet and overcome the obstacles we face as Hoosiers. I would be honored to bring my experience, my passion and my fighting spirit to the Attorney General’s office to meet these challenges head-on. That is why I am deeply humbled to have the support of so many federal, state and local officials. Together we will fight against excessive federal overreach and work every day to protect Hoosiers from frauds, scams and violent crime.

These endorsements have come as a result of our aggressive delegate outreach effort that included appearances at county Lincoln Day Dinners, door-to-door stops, impromptu coffees and phone calls to elected and appointed delegates.


  • Jackie Walorski, Congresswoman
  • Deb Fleming, 2nd District GOP Chair
  • Mark Wynn, 6th District GOP Chair
  • Will Statom, Delaware County GOP Chair
  • Russ Willis, Madison County Chair
  • Lynn Deddens, Dearborn County GOP Chair
  • Matt Boyd, Whitley County GOP Chair
  • Mike Gonder, LaPorte County GOP Chair
  • Bob Courtney, Jefferson County GOP Chair
  • Larry Meyer, Decatur County GOP Chair
  • Jim Bopp, Former Republican National Committeeman
  • Lana Keesling, Clerk of City of Fort Wayne
  • Mayor Jon Costas, City of Valparaiso
  • Mayor Blair Milo, City of La Porte
  • Mike Delph, State Senator
  • Former Mayor Wayne Seybold, City of Marion
  • David Diener, White County Commissioner
  • Michael Books, Sheriff (retired), Elkhart County Sheriff's Department
  • Daniel McMullen, Citizen Litigator, Citizens of Monroe County
  • Wyatt Mick, President, Bingham & Loughlin, P.C.
  • Linda Chezem, Former Judge for the Indiana Court of Appeals
  • Nate Harter, Decatur County Prosecutor
  • Aaron Negangard, Dearborn County Prosecutor
  • Karen Richards, Allen County Prosecutor
  • Rodney Cummings, Madison County Prosecutor
  • Patricia Baldwin, Hendricks County Prosecutor
  • Danny Crenshaw, Secretary at Marion County
  • Rev. James Clifton, Pastor, Millersburg, Indiana
  • Kevin Basey, Blackford County Prosecutor
  • Vicki Becker, Elkhart County Chief Deputy Prosecutor
  • Jeremy Brown, Adams County Prosecutor
  • Lee Buckingham, Hamilton County Prosecutor
  • Bradley Cooper, Johnson County Prosecutor
  • Daniel Hampton, Kosciusko County Prosecutor
  • Patrick Harrington, Tippecanoe County Prosecutor
  • Nicholas Haverstock, Crawford County Prosecutor
  • Ric Hertel, Ripley County Prosecutor
  • Jarrod Holtsclaw, Greene County Prosecutor
  • Bob Guy, White County Prosecutor
  • Jim Luttrull, Grant County Prosecutor
  • Jeremy Mull, Clark County Prosecutor
  • Steven Owen, Floyd County Prosecutor
  • Robert Pell, Clay County Prosecutor
  • Michael Perry, Warrick County Prosecutor
  • Otto Schalk, Harrison County Prosecutor
  • Michael Shipman, Wayne County Prosecutor
  • Steve Sonnega, Morgan County Prosecutor
  • Brad Landwerlen, Shelby County Prosecutor
  • Nick Hermann, Vanderburgh County Prosecutor
  • Bill Nash, Bartholomew County Prosecutor
  • Todd Meyer, Boone County Prosecutor
  • Ted Adams, Brown County Prosecutor
  • Daniel Murrie, Daviess County Prosecutor
  • Keith Henderson, Floyd County Prosecutor
  • Teryl Martin, Fountain County Prosecutor
  • Robert Krieg, Gibson County Prosecutor
  • Brad Cooper, Johnson County Prosecutor
  • Michelle Woodward, Lawrence County Prosecutor
  • Jeff Drinski, Newton County Prosecutor
  • Donald Vandermoere, Owen County Prosecutor
  • Brian Gensel, Porter County Prosecutor
  • John Larson, Warren County Prosec utor

See you at the convention,

Curtis Hill
Candidate for Indiana Attorney General

New Video: Curtis Hill's Personal Commitment to Fighting for Families

New Video: Curtis Hill's Personal Commitment to Fighting for Families


The role of the Indiana Attorney General is vitally important to defending the Constitution.

As a Elkhart County's Prosecuting Attorney, for four terms I've sat with victims and mothers who lost their children. I've seen countless criminals throw their lives away by making poor choices. It's been my job to hold them accountable.

As your next Indiana Attorney General, I'm committed to do everything I can to make sure that we have less mothers losing children and less people throwing their lives away.

I am Curtis Hill and I am ready to be your next Attorney General.

View our new video about why I want to be your next Indiana Attorney General

Thank you,

Curtis Hill

New Video: Curtis Hill Will Fight for Families and Protect Them from the Ravages of Drugs and Violent Crimes

New Video: Curtis Hill Will Fight for Families and Protect Them from the Ravages of Drugs and Violent Crimes

As the Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County, I have fought my entire career to keep Hoosier  families safe, especially from substance abuse and crimes of violence.

I will continue to protect Hoosier families as Attorney General by working to uphold convictions secured by prosecutors and local law enforcement around the state.

It is true that protecting families from the ravages of crime goes far beyond the prison wall however. While we must cut off the supply sources for drugs like heroin and meth, we must also acknowledge and address the root causes of addiction across our society. We will continue to empower victims and advocates for healthy and safe communities in which to raise Hoosier families.

Let's join forces to get drugs and violent crimes off our streets.

View our new video about fighting for families in Indiana.

Thank you,

Curtis Hill

Statement by Curtis Hill Elkhart County Prosecutor & Candidate for Attorney General on President Barack Obama’s Visit to Elkhart

Statement by Curtis Hill Elkhart County Prosecutor & Candidate for Attorney General on President Barack Obama’s Visit to Elkhart

ELKHART – Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Indiana Attorney General, released this statement on President Barack Obama’s visit to Elkhart, Indiana, today, Wednesday, June 1, 2016:

“President Barack Obama returns to my hometown of Elkhart today. While any community should welcome a presidential visit and the attention received from such a visit, it is important to note that Elkhart's recovery has been much more about the resiliency of our people and business leaders than any of the policies and directives coming out of Washington, D.C. under the Obama Administration.

“In fact, Elkhart's recovery is made more remarkable given the continuing backdrop of the Obama Administration's heavy-handed nature of issuing directives on what's ‘best for us’ whether it's Obamacare, EPA Waters of the United States mandates, or numerous executive orders and/or executive threats that bypass Congress and promote general instability.

“Those who are taking part in the president’s town hall today should be reminded that ‘We, the people’ is not a benign phrase of little meaning but rather the singular embodiment of who we are as a nation. If elected Indiana Attorney General I will defend Indiana's right under the 10th Amendment of our Constitution to determine for ourselves what's ‘best for us,’ the people, and I will take up the fight against the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government."

New Video: Curtis Hill Will Protect Hoosiers from Victimization, Frauds and Scams

New Video: Curtis Hill Will Protect Hoosiers from Victimization, Frauds and Scams

Protecting Hoosiers, especially our most vulnerable, from personal victimization, frauds, and scams, is one of the core functions of the Attorney General.

Not only will we pursue these crooks in their current form, but we will diligently prepare to be one step ahead of those who prey on the young, the old, the weak, the sick, and those that are less fortunate -- no matter how they twist technology and tactics to take advantage of and deceive us.

View our new video about protecting Hoosiers in Indiana

Thank you,

Curtis Hill

New Video: Curtis Hill As Attorney General Will Inspire Indiana's Youth to Lead Productive Lives

New Video: Curtis Hill As Attorney General Will Inspire Indiana's Youth to Lead Productive Lives

Far too many Hoosier youngsters lack appropriate guidance and positive influencers who teach and model the practices that lead to responsible and productive lives.

If our children are taught good tools and are encouraged to make solid life choices, we will head off crime and substance abuse problems before they ever take hold of and ruin young lives.

I will encourage more Hoosier youth to make positive choices by collaborating with existing successful programs whose mission is to inspire and equip young Hoosiers to lead lives of purpose and meaning.

View our new video about inspiring youth in Indiana.

Thank you,

Curtis Hill

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski Endorses  Curtis Hill for Indiana Attorney General

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski Endorses Curtis Hill for Indiana Attorney General

For Immediate Release
Contact: Pete Seat

ELKHART – Congresswoman Jackie Walorski today announced her support for Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill’s bid to be Indiana’s next Attorney General. Walorski leads an impressive and growing list of Hoosier leaders who recognize Curtis’ proven record of leadership on issues that the Attorney General will have to face head on in the coming years. 

“As Prosecutor, Curtis has consistently worked to protect and defend Hoosiers. He has stood for freedom, fought for families and inspired those around him – including me,” said Walorski. I know that as our next Attorney General he will continue to do the same, just from a different stage, and that he will be a partner to those of us representing Hoosiers in Washington, D.C. who want to put a stop to the overreaching hand of the federal government as much as Curtis does.”

Hill added, “I am honored to have the endorsement of a conservative leader like my friend, Jackie Walorski. We welcome Congresswoman Walorksi to our ever-growing team of Republican leaders from across the state and I look forward to working hand-in-hand with her to combat the most pressing issues Hoosiers face.” 


Curtis Responds to US Directive to Schools on Transgender Bathroom Access

Curtis Responds to US Directive to Schools on Transgender Bathroom Access

This is the very type of federal government overreach that I have spoken about on the campaign trail. The federal government should never, under any circumstances, engage in extortion and blackmail against states which have the right, under the 10th Amendment, to make their own laws on issues such as this, if they choose to do so.

The bottom line is this: if and when the Indiana General Assembly takes up the issue and if and when they decide to enact legislation, it will be my responsibility, if elected Attorney General, to defend that legislation if it is in fact challenged in a court of law.

Curtis Hill
Candidate for Indiana Attorney General

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