INDIANAPOLIS – Curtis Hill, Republican nominee for Attorney General of Indiana, received the endorsement of the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police today in Indianapolis. During the FOP Endorsement Tour, Hill will be traveling to five locations throughout Indiana to honor the men and women who protect and serve and to thank the FOP for its endorsement of his campaign.

“In my four terms as Elkhart County Prosecutor, I’ve relied on the outstanding work of our fine police officers in every aspect of my job,” said Hill. “Police officers have chosen a career of personal sacrifice and service to our citizens. We owe them our respect, support and gratitude for their brave service to our communities and our citizens. That’s what my FOP Endorsement Tour is all about.”

In the endorsement tour launch of Hill, President of the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police William Owensby and PAC Chairman David Cook stated, “...the Indiana State Lodge (of the FOP) has overwhelmingly voted to support you in your upcoming election. Seldom do we find a candidate of your caliber who has the leadership and integrity to carry out the duties as Attorney General for the great State of Indiana. Your support and commitment to Indiana Law Enforcement has not gone unnoticed.”

In accepting the FOP’s endorsement, Hill praised the organization and its 14,000 members. “The Fraternal Order of Police represents what best in Indiana: honor, bravery, hard work and a commitment to making our lives better,” Hill said. “Although my FOP Endorsement Tour is limited to stops in Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Jeffersonville and Evansville, I want all officers throughout the state to know that I appreciate their commitment to their jobs and that I will always support their unwavering service.”

Curtis Hill has served as Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County since 2003. He received his B.S. degree in Marketing from Indiana University, and his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the Indiana University School of Law. Hill maintains a very active role in local, state and national organizations. He and his wife, Teresa, have five children.



ELKHART - Today, Curtis Hill, Republican Nominee for Attorney General, launched a Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) endorsement press tour. His released statement acknowledges and shows appreciation for the Indiana FOP and their endorsement for his candidacy as Indiana's next Attorney General:

"I want to thank the Fraternal Order of Police for their endorsement. Having served as a deputy prosecutor and an elected prosecutor in Elkhart County for almost 3 decades, I know the work of law enforcement because I am in law enforcement. I have worked alongside and will continue to stand with police and detectives against all threats to public safety.

"I stand with law enforcement because I understand that a person cannot be free if they are not safe. The people who put their lives on the line every day to protect us need elected officials who appreciate their hard work and sacrifice. I do.

"The Philadelphia FOP was right in their outrage when the DNC failed to honor the widows and family members of fallen police officers killed in the line of duty. I am outraged by the lack of respect and appreciation for law enforcement and family sacrifice.

"As a Prosecutor, I understand that each area in the State faces its own challenges and as your Attorney General I will seek to ensure that the law enforcement community has the tools, resources and training needed to protect the citizens of this State.

"I know the hard work that goes into getting a conviction. I will fulfill the responsibility of the office of Attorney General to protect the convictions that you work so hard to obtain.

"As your Attorney General I will provide bold and courageous leadership on behalf of law enforcement and the citizens of this State. Thank you for your support and together we will continue to protect the people of Indiana."