The most common question I get when traveling throughout the state is "what does the Attorney General do?" 

The role of Attorney General is as The Lawyer for the People of Indiana. The Indiana Attorney General represents and protects the legal interests of the people who live in Indiana. 

The reason why I would be honored to be Indiana’s next Attorney General is because I believe in America and the Constitution. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated and maintained the ability to represent the sound judgment, experience and passion to protect our great state.

Here are some facts about the responsibilities of the Attorney General for Indiana and why we need assure that we vote for the right person to protect our interests. I would be honored to have your vote on November 8th.

  • If someone sues the State of Indiana, the Attorney General defends our interests.  
  • If the State of Indiana has a contract, the Attorney General approves the contract to be sure that it complies with the law. 
  • The Attorney General is the legal advisor to all agencies when they make rules.
  • The Attorney General can fight the overreach of government for the people of Indiana. 
  • The Attorney General protects your safety by handling the appeals of criminal cases successfully. 
  • When you buy a car, the Attorney General helps prevent odometer fraud. 
  • If your identity is stolen, the Indiana Attorney General will help you and the prosecutor. 
  • If you are in danger from a violent person, the Attorney General will give a confidential address to you.  
  • If someone owes the state of Indiana money, the Attorney General will collect it for the taxpayers. 
  • The Attorney General fights fraud and deception with special units.