By Steven Aranyi, Indiana Daily Student

Curtis Hill is running for Indiana attorney general on the Republican ticket. He currently serves as prosecuting attorney for Elkhart County, where he is in his fourth term. He graduated from Indiana University and later attended the Maurer School of Law at IU.

When Hill was first elected, Elkhart County’s prosecuting attorney’s office only worked part time. Through hard work and perseverance, he transformed the office into a full-time position.

In addition to this admirable feat, the fact that Hill has served four terms as prosecuting attorney shows Curtis Hill has a reputation for being a strong advocate for his community. His commitment to making Elkhart County a better place is demonstrated through his actions in office.

Hill’s platform this cycle is centered on four main goals: controlling government overreach, protecting families from drug and violent crimes, defending people from being victimized by fraud and inspiring children to lead meaningful lives.

These goals are certainly realistic. Under the leadership of current Attorney General Greg Zoeller, privacy protections for Hoosiers have been expanded by the Do Not Call law and credit freezes for parents on behalf of their children to provide a defense against identity theft have been implemented.

I believe that Curtis is the man to build on this positive change for Hoosiers. The beauty of Hill’s platform is that it’s perfectly viable. All four major platform points look to tackle major issues in Indiana. If Hill can make improvements in these fields, his tenure will be deemed a success.

Hill's agenda also includes combatting crime and drug abuse, specifically relating to meth and heroin. These two drugs are extremely problematic for Indiana. In 2015, Indiana law enforcement seized 1,530 meth labs across the state, which goes to highlight the magnitude of the problem.

Thousands of children grow up either within or close to these labs. Thus, two of Hill’s goals are closely connected, which makes them more achievable.

By giving families added safety, along with inspiring Hoosier youth to participate in existing programs, Hill can make long-term improvements to the state, make an actual difference in the lives of individual Hoosiers and help cultivate the next generation of Hoosier leaders.

Furthermore, Hill also wants to protect against government overreach. He acknowledges the importance the Second Amendment and wants to defend it — something I support. Hill will also stand up to overreaching executive orders, legislation and bureaucratic actions that disturb the lives of Hoosiers, in violation of the Constitution.

Hill was outspoken about his thoughts on President Barack Obama’s visit to his hometown of Elkhart, where he knocked the president’s policies and credited the economic development of the city to business leaders. He pledged to protect Indiana’s 10th Amendment rights.

It's not easy to come out against the president of the United States. This is one of an amalgamation of traits that Hill brings to the table as a candidate for attorney general.

This is a man who is seriously committed to Hoosiers. I’m looking forward to watching him make positive changes in communities across the state.

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