ELKHART – Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Indiana Attorney General, released this statement on President Barack Obama’s visit to Elkhart, Indiana, today, Wednesday, June 1, 2016:

“President Barack Obama returns to my hometown of Elkhart today. While any community should welcome a presidential visit and the attention received from such a visit, it is important to note that Elkhart's recovery has been much more about the resiliency of our people and business leaders than any of the policies and directives coming out of Washington, D.C. under the Obama Administration.

“In fact, Elkhart's recovery is made more remarkable given the continuing backdrop of the Obama Administration's heavy-handed nature of issuing directives on what's ‘best for us’ whether it's Obamacare, EPA Waters of the United States mandates, or numerous executive orders and/or executive threats that bypass Congress and promote general instability.

“Those who are taking part in the president’s town hall today should be reminded that ‘We, the people’ is not a benign phrase of little meaning but rather the singular embodiment of who we are as a nation. If elected Indiana Attorney General I will defend Indiana's right under the 10th Amendment of our Constitution to determine for ourselves what's ‘best for us,’ the people, and I will take up the fight against the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government."