When I’m out stumping for Curtis on the campaign trail, I often get asked why he’s the best candidate for Attorney General. There couldn’t be an easier question to answer! Curtis has proven to his fellow prosecutors, and the voters that he has the knowledge, experience and skills needed to be a good Attorney General.  He will respect our rights under the United States Constitution and the Indiana Constitution.
For me, though, it comes down to one powerful word: trust. We can trust his leadership, trust his willingness to do the right thing and trust him to find solutions to some of the biggest problems facing Indiana.
There is no one I would rather have in the Attorney General’s office to face these issues head-on than Curtis Hill. He will stand up to our overreaching federal government, make sure Hoosiers are protected from instances of fraud, fight to rid our neighborhoods of drugs and crime and make sure young Hoosiers choose paths that take them far away from substance abuse.
I know we can trust him to get the job done because he’s done it as Elkhart County Prosecutor, and he’ll do it again as our Attorney General.
Linda Chezem
Former Judge, Indiana Court of Appeals
Chair, Curtis Hill for Indiana

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