Agriculture is a major economic driver of the State of Indiana as well as the source of our food, fiber, shelter, and fuel. Food security – food that is safe, nutritious and affordable is important to all Hoosiers.

As Attorney General, I will increase the agricultural law expertise of the office of the Indiana Attorney General to support the rural and agricultural communities of Indiana. The agency regulatory review process of the Attorney General's office will be conducted transparently, competently, and efficiently. I will ensure that regulations be minimal and drafted in clear and consistent language and enforced openly and with objective fairness.

The Hoosiers who grow our food, fiber, shelter and fuel, need our support and as Attorney General, food security will be a top priority!

Supporting facts:

  • 245,000 Indiana jobs are supported by agriculture. 
  • 19,400,000 acres of land are in farms and forests (the Indiana total land area (acres) is 23.3 million).
  • The value of agricultural products sold in Indiana was $11.2 billion.
  • Indiana ranked 10th in the nation in agricultural sales.
  • Fun Fact – we've got more chickens then people! 41.5 million broiler's were sold in Indiana in 2012. That's 6 times more chickens than people in Indiana!