Elkhart County Prosecutor files paperwork with Indiana Republican Party

ELKHART- Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill officially filed his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Indiana Attorney General. The filing was made at the Indiana Republican Party Headquarters. The nominee will be chosen by delegates at the Indiana Republican Party Convention in June in Indianapolis. 

Shortly before Hill filed his candidacy he to spoke to the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association at their Annual Training Conference. 

Hill stated, “It is fitting that I would officially file my candidacy for Indiana Attorney General on the same day that I spoke to a gathering of Indiana Drug Enforcement Association members. If I am entrusted with the responsibility to serve our state as Attorney General, I will work tirelessly to enforce our drug laws while also creating programs to prevent pathways to drug use and related crime.” 

The Indiana Drug Enforcement Association was founded in 1986 with the four following principles:

  • To encourage a high standard of enforcement of federal and state narcotics laws through training, education, and discipline.
  • To participate in programs to educate the public concerning the hazards of drug abuse.
  • To promote improved laws aimed at more effective drug enforcement.
  • To foster a spirit of trust and cooperation among all police officers and law enforcement agencies — federal, state, and local.

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