With just over a week left until the election, I am humbled to announce a list of endorsements for my campaign for Attorney General that includes officials at the federal, state and local levels. While the vast majority of county prosecutors have been with me since I announced my candidacy in December, many of the additional names of Indiana Senators have joined in the past week showing clear momentum headed into the election.

As I have shared along the way, I believe with the right leadership we will meet and overcome the obstacles we face as Hoosiers. I would be honored to bring my experience, my passion and my fighting spirit to the Attorney General’s office to meet these challenges head-on. That is why I am deeply humbled to have the support of so many federal, state and local officials. Together we will fight against excessive federal overreach and work every day to protect Hoosiers from frauds, scams and violent crime.

  • Senator Ron Alting
  • Senator Jim Banks
  • Senator Eric Bassler
  • enator Phil Boots
  • Senator Rod Bray
  • Senator Liz Brown
  • enator Jim Buck
  • Senator Mike Crider
  • Senator Mike Delph
  • Senator Doug Eckerty
  • Senator Jon Ford
  • Senator Sue Glick
  • Senator Randy Head 
  • Senator Brandt Hershman
  • Senator Travis Holdman
  • Senator Erin Houchin
  • Senator Luke Kenley
  • Senator Dennis Kruse
  • Senator David Long
  • Senator Jim Merritt
  • Senator Mark Messmer
  • Senator Pat Miller
  • Senator Pete Miller
  • Senator Ryan Mishler
  • Senator Jeff Raatz
  • Senator Scott Schneider
  • Senator Jim Smith
  • Senator Brent Steele
  • enator Jim Tomes
  • Senator Greg Walker
  • Senator Carlin Yoder
  • Senator Mike Young
  • Senator Joe Zakas

Thank you,
Curtis Hill
Candidate for Indiana Attorney General