Recent Endorsements

"I am proud to join others in endorsing Curtis for Attorney General. In the short time I have know Curtis he has demonstrated the qualities that I want the next Attorney General to possess."

—Donald Moore
Brown County Election Board


"Curtis has the courage to stand up to an overreaching federal government. He will protect Hoosiers from fraud and victimization, fight against the scourge of drugs and related crime in our communities, and will create innovative programs to prevent Hoosier youth from taking pathways that end up in a life of crime or substance abuse."

— Brad Landwerlen
Shelby County Prosecutor


"Curtis has actually been a prosecutor and has the will and background to support the laws of Indiana and protect all of it's citizens."

– David Diener,
White County Commissioner


"Honesty is the MOST important thing to me in all areas of my life. It is no less important to me when deciding who I want to give my support to. This and many other things were evident in Curtis. I appreciate his honest answers to all of my questions and look forward to casting my ballot on June 11.

– Lisa Deaton,
Delegate, Columbus, IN


“Even though we are from opposite ends of the state, Curtis and I have the common bond of working to protect Hoosiers and to solve issues facing our state. I support Curtis because I believe we need an Attorney General who has fought the epidemics of crime, drugs and fraud at the local level working to help us address those issues statewide.”

– Nick Hermann,
Vanderburgh County Prosecutor


"Perhaps, the strength he would bring to the Office of Indiana Attorney, is matched only, by his strength of character. I have known Curtis Hill for more than three decades, and in fact, was privileged to be a partner in his aggressive approach to law enforcement and the innovations he brought to the Elkhart County community. I can think of no one more qualified, OR more ready to assume the leadership responsibilities of the Office of Indiana Attorney General."

– Michael Books, Sheriff (retired),
Elkhart County Sheriff's Department


"With a belief in America and good character, Curtis is not only a good choice for Attorney General, he is the best choice for Indiana. Be sure to vote for Curtis on Tuesday."

– Daniel McMullen
Citizen Litigator, Citizens of Monroe County

"I endorse Curtis because of the work he has done in Elkhart County and the State of Indiana. His stellar efforts in reducing crime are not only a great accomplishment but his ability to see that justice is served properly and that effective legal methods are used in the prosecution of those brought before our courts."

– Robert Christy
Wakarusa, IN


"I have known Curtis Hill for many years. He was a deputy prosecutor for Elkhart County at the time. I am a former City Attorney for Mishawaka – all during Margaret Prickett's 16 years in office.  Since being the prosecutor for Elkhart county, he has been interviewed on television a number of times about pressing issues. He has done us all proud! All the lawyers in Mishawaka who know him admire what he has done for the profession. My wife and I will be at the convention voting for him." 

– Wyatt Mick,
President, Bingham & Loughlin, P.C.


“Bold, courageous action on behalf of Indiana's citizens is what Hoosiers want and deserve. Public servants, especially those who serve in protecting public safety, will find they have a lot to be excited about in an Attorney General Hill.” 

– Nate Harter,
Decatur County Prosecutor


“With the issues facing our state, we need a conservative, courageous, and innovative leader like Curtis Hill as Indiana’s Attorney General.”

– Aaron Negangard,
Dearborn County Prosecutor 


“Curtis will be a great advocate for the citizens of Indiana.”

– Karen Richards,
Allen County Prosecutor


“He will be a strong voice for people who are hoping to achieve justice in the State of Indiana.”

– Rodney Cummings,
Madison County Prosecutor


“He always has the best interest of the people of Indiana at heart.” 

– Patricia Baldwin,
Hendricks County Prosecutor


"Over these past months, the public and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming elections. Your honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our states problems and needs, and your willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns about public safety, sets you far apart from the other candidates' expected techniques and talk, and so I am writing today to express my support for your campaign for Attorney General and my intention both to vote for you in the upcoming elections and to spread word to others of the value of your policies and abilities. I am hoping for your success."

– Danny Crenshaw,
Secretary at Marion County


"I support Curtis Hill for Attorney General due to his record of accomplishments as Elkhart County Prosecutor. As a Clinical Social Worker, I worked with members of his staff and was well pleased with how efficient Mr. Hill's office was run."

– Rev. James Clifton,
Pastor, Millersburg, Indiana

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