Curtis Hill – Get the Facts

Get the Facts

Let me be clear: I am not resigning. The calls for my resignation are unwarranted and those calls should be rescinded.

It’s time to set the record straight: the allegations against me, which continue to change, are vicious and false. At no time did I ever grab or touch anyone inappropriately. The lack of fairness and failure to recognize my constitutional rights is a complete travesty.

Here are the facts:

  • These allegations were first brought forward a full eight weeks after they were allegedly committed.
  • I was never contacted by any investigator.
  • My request for a copy of the so-called “confidential” report was denied despite the fact that the legislature acknowledged they had leaked the report to the media.
  • Elected officials have called for my resignation without affording me any due process or conducting an actual, fair and independent investigation.
  • At least one story has dramatically changed from the document that was the basis for all the calls for resignation.
  • The coordinated calls for my resignation occurred before any anonymous accusers idenitified themselves.
  • A key witness confirmed that her accusation contained in the confidential report was materially inaccurate.

We are living in a time where accusations alone have the power of conviction. Those who call for a resignation before an investigation are putting the cart before the horse.

This fundamental lack of fairness and due process regarding this prejudicial so-called “investigation” is in violation of the principles on which this country was founded. I demand an independent investigation by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, where my constitutional rights are respected and protected. It is my hope that once the investigation is complete and I am exonerated, that my good name is properly restored with the same vigor by which it was tarnished.

When this began I had my name. I want my name back.

Watch my statement: