freedom and safety

Curtis believes that justice and liberty are the cornerstones of our American heritage. As a four-time elected prosecutor, he has devoted his public service career to keeping us safe and protecting our freedom.

He believes the Attorney General must have the courage to protect our freedom by standing up to the threats to our safety and security.

To Curtis, freedom is opportunity. Opportunity is the engine that drives ingenuity and it is ingenuity that will make Indiana thrive.

As Attorney General, Curtis will fight for truth and justice and continue the pursuit of freedom for all. He understands that we cannot truly be free until we are safe.


While much of today's focus is on global events, we must not forget that the greatness of our nation and of our state is our people. Americans are winners. So too are Hoosiers. To be happy and prosperous, we must be secure in our homes and principled in our beliefs.

As Indiana's Attorney General, Curtis will:

  • Stand for Freedom - recognize the proper balance between the interests of our state and the demands of the federal government with a dedicated unit established to assure that Indiana's interests are not trampled by an ever-growing Washington bureaucracy.  
  • Fight for Families - utilize the authority of the office to fight for our families with projects protecting families from the ravages of drugs and violent crime.
  • Protect Hoosiers - defend the rights of property ownership while executing programs that work to protect the consumer, the young, the old, the weak and the less-fortunate from victimization of scams, fraud and online predatory attacks.
  • Inspire Youth - inform Indiana's children about leading a prosperous life with a youth leadership program designed to prevent a pathway to crime and substance abuse.